Fiber-link JHHL-E801ZB Single Port EPON ONU


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Key Features

  • Model: JHHL-E801ZB
  • 1x EPON port (PX20+)
  • Wavelength:Tx1310nm,Rx 1490nm
  • Transmission distance: 20KM
  • 1x 10/100/1000M Full/Half, RJ45 connector


Fiber-link JHHL-E801ZB Single Port EPON ONU

The Fiber-link JHHL-E801ZB Single Port EPON ONU is a high-performance optical network unit designed for broadband access networks. It is specifically used in FTTH/FTTO deployments to provide data and video services based on EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network) technology. The EPON ONU is equipped with a ZTE chipset, ensuring reliable and efficient performance. With its 1 GE adaptive Ethernet port, the EPON ONU supports both bridge and routing modes, allowing for flexible network configurations. It is fully compatible with IEEE802.3ah standards and offers features such as port-based rate limitation, bandwidth control, and data encryption. The EPON ONU supports up to 20KM transmission distance and features dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) for optimized network resource utilization. The features of the EPON ONU include ONU auto-discovery, link detection, remote software upgrade, VLAN division, and user separation to prevent broadcast storms. It also supports power-off alarm function for easy detection of link problems and has built-in broadcasting storm resistance. The ONU supports port isolation between different ports, three-layer routing functions, ACL (Access Control List), and SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) for flexible data packet filtering and configuration.

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